The Importance Of Backpacker’s Insurance

As you’re traveling in this unique way, you’re going to have some pretty cool experiences. These experiences are often not seen with a traditional vacation. As a backpacker, you won’t be tied down to a bunch of luggage, and are most likely traveling solo. Backpackers also get the privilege of vacationing for longer, you will want personal backpacking insurance, emergency travel insurance and possibly other types..

A lot of backpackers stay at youth hostels when it’s time to crash for the night. This is an exciting place to stay, but it also comes with some risks. You do not know your bunk mates. You can’t sleep with your backpack tapped to your body. If something goes wrong, you’re going to need insurance to cover what you’ve lost.


If you’re hiking, rock climbing or doing anything physical on your backpacking vacation, it’s possible you’ll get injured. Your health insurance may not cover your hospital bills if you get injured outside of your insurance provider’s country.

Backpacker’s insurance is a different story. This policy is designed to cover injuries no matter where you are. Of course, it’ll only cover the bill if you received the injury while backpacking. Foreign hospitals will most likely bill you, not the insurance company that’s providing your backpacking insurance.

Mugging Benefits

When in a strange city, anything can happen. Unfortunately, some people get mugged during their backpacking experience. They often lose their belongings after the ordeal. Losing your wallet in a foreign country is something no one should deal with. It may leave you feeling trapped. This trapped feeling can be resolved by a simple call to your backpacking insurance company.

Acts As A Life Insurance Policy

Few people die during their backpacking trip. It is a small possibility though. It’s a little more likely if you’re older. Backpacking insurance companies will cover the cost of your death and burial if you’re under sixty five. Some companies will not insure the death of children, while others do. The age max on this type of coverage also differs. Usually, it is sixty five though.

Permanent Disability Coverage

Some people get permanently disabled on their backpacking experience. This disability could be PTSD from having a gum pointed to your head while being mugged. It could also be your legs snapping off while bungy jumping.

You’ll receive some sort of health insurance with pretty much any backpacking insurance plan. However, you may have to pay a little extra if you want financial help after your initial hospital bills have been paid. Considering the extra burden that a permanent injury can be on you and your family, getting this type of backpacker’s insurance is worth it.

There Are Exclusions

Any accident that happens while the backpacker’s intoxicated will not be covered by his insurance plan. It’s likely that the level of alcohol in your blood will be tested when you go to the emergency room after an injury. You will need to show this report to your insurance company before they will cover your injury. Be careful of Backpackers insurance scams, trust what you can read and what you sign. Backpacking scams are always around.

Natural disasters aren’t usually covered either. However, there are some insurance companies that will cover damage done by one. Find a company that can offer you the right policy for where you’re going. Natural disasters are more common in the summer. In certain countries there is a higher ratio of these events as well. Check the internet to make sure it isn’t likely where you’re going.

Some Policies Will Cover Children For Free

It’s common for young people to go backpacking alone. This isn’t always the case though. Sometimes older adults with children want to engage in the experience. As long as you’re purchasing a policy for yourself, there are some companies that will cover your kids with backpacking insurance for free. Insurance and Go is an example of a company that provides this.

Long Term And Short Term Policies

There are two types of backpacking insurance when it comes to how long they’ll cover you. If your trip is going to be more than a few months, it’s a good idea to get a long-term plan. Those who are going for a short time will find a policy that’s meant to only extend for weeks. Usually, a backpacking insurance policy will only cover the backpacker for up to eighteen months. This is over a year. It’s more then enough time to have lots of adventures.

Do You Want To Be On Your Own

Without backpackers insurance, anything that happens to you while backpacking is your problem. Foreigners can be a target for violence in some countries. You can’t just say you’ll be careful. This isn’t a way to prevent something from happening. Instead, you should be properly prepared in case something does.

Backpacking’s so much more enjoyable when you don’t have to worry about silly, little things like paying hospital bills. Make sure you have the right coverage. You’ll be able to keep your peace of mind.

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